About Me


I am an experienced Special Needs Teacher, I loved building strong relationships with my pupils and worked frequently with challenging behaviours. I am a trained Jai Parenting Coach and work One-to-One with parents who need support in parenting in a more gentle and empowered way. I also has a variety of counselling qualifications which I have gained through the University of Suffolk and Hills Road’s Adult Education Programme. I’m also a Mumma – of which I would describe as my best, but my hardest job!

My Story

After having my baby, I had a shift in priorities and wanted to make changes. I wanted to leave teaching, use my counselling skills, help people, support neuro-diverse young people and those that love them. I didnt know what I’d be called but I knew parents were struggling with behaviours at home, I had new experience of what parenting was like and I decided I’d become the person people came to when struggling with behaviours at home.

I found Jai and completed my parent coach qualifications via them.

My Ethos is Fundamental to what I do. I believe:

In the gentle and respectful treatment of children.

No child should be raised in fear

We are all doing our best with the understanding and skills we have at the moment.

Self-awareness is the key to changing your parenting struggles.

Parenting can be filled with joy, fun and love.