I work with parents and caregivers to better themselves as well as their relationships with their children, through a gentle and more empowered way.

Your Tutor/Coach

Dani is an experienced Special Needs Teacher, she loved building strong relationships with her pupils and worked frequently with challenging behaviours. She is a trained Jai Parenting Coach and works One-to-One with parents who need support in parenting in a more gentle and empowered way. Dani also has a variety of counselling qualifications which she gained through the University of Suffolk and Hills Road Adult Education. She is also a Mumma – of which she describes as her best and hardest job.


Twelve Week Parenting Course

A One-to-One weekly parenting course covering a variety of topics, including attachment, emotions, boundaries, anger, aggression and more.

Ten Week Group Course

Join a group of like-minded individuals on a transformational journey. You will be coached and guided through a variety of class discussions and self-reflections on powerful parenting topics.

Ad hoc

One-to-One parenting sessions, tailored to your concerns.


“Thanks to Dani, bedtime routine is no longer an exhaustive 3 hours fight. They happily hand over the screen devices in exchange for a book before bed. We get to watch our programs uninterrupted and can have an actual conversation together that doesn’t involve the words “get in bed” thrown in the middle of a sentence!”